Ski Doo Love

Ski Doo Love

Duration: 4 hours / Difficulty: Easy

There are many different ways to get to know the beauty of Levi - the surrounding fells, the lakes and rivers, the forrest, animals, local ways and local food. This adventure will take you to the other side of Levi, away from the crowds and tourists, into the forrest.

We will begin the trip at the center, hop on snowmobiles and go. We will have the freedom to choose our own pace, stop when we want to, go when it feels like it. We will stop at a Snow Castle, the Elves Hideaway, Santa’s Lakeside Aurora Cabin. Make some local food for lunch, resume our trip by visiting one of the oldest reindeer farms Sammun Tupa. From there we climb up to the top of our beloved Levi fell to take inn the scenery. Drive on the lake of God and through the forrest back to the center.

This trip is about a group of people leaving the center and a team of friends coming back. The theme is to enjoy, to be free and to experience the true spirit of Levi!

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