Snow Castle visit & Dinner

Snow Castle visit & Dinner

Duration: 5 hours / Difficulty: Easy

We will meet you in front of the selected meeting point (Visit Levi Office/Hullu Poro Hotel, Spa Hotel or Zero Point) at approximately 6PM.

Our drive to Snow Castle will take approximately fifty minutes. As we reach the Snow Castle you will be taken to the Ice Restaurant where the table is reserved for you. There you will be served a three course meal in a restaurant made entirely from ice! The experience is super unique and exciting! Take notice that the temperature in the restaurant is approximately -5 degrees so remember to dress up accordingly and wear more instead of less. There are lactose and gluten free options in the menu.

After the dinner we will have the chance to experience the Snow Castle and it's wonderful statues and hotel rooms, as well as an ice bar, movie theatre and an ice chapel, with your guide. The tour will take approximately 1 hour. You will be able to take some most amazing pictures along the way so make sure you have your camera with you!

After the tour you will be taken back to Levi center by our personal guide.

Here is the menu for year 2020:


Delicacies of Lapland – cold-smoked reindeer, marinated forest mushrooms, 

cold-smoked salmon, whitefish roe, cloudberry jam, goat cheese, red onion compote & house cracker (L)

White fish and cloudberry (L,G)

Salmon soup, Sour cream and dill (L,G)

Beetroot soup, forest mushroom salad & sour cream (L,G)


Reindeer filet, Lappish potatoes and licorice (L,G)

Lamb, lentils and rosemary (L,G)

Pork pluma, Lappish potatoes and parsnip (L,G)

Arctic char, parsnip and mussels (L,G)

Barley risotto, chickpea and kale falafels (L)


Grilled salmon & potato puree (L,G)

Sauteed reindeer & potato puree (L,G)

Chicken nuggets & French fries (L)


Blueberry creme brulee (L,G)

Chocolate cake and brown butter ice cream (L,G)

Buttermilk cake and  buckthorn (L)

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