Dinner and sauna at Santa's Lakeside Aurora Cabin

Dinner and sauna at Santa's Lakeside Aurora Cabin

Duration: 4 hours / Difficulty: Moderate

As we all know Santa Claus works really hard during winter time, helped by an army of Elves, most living in Levi (Lappish Elves Village International) since there is nothing better than wondering around in the forest next to the safety of a fell, enjoy fishing and picking berries and mushroom, filling your lungs with the most fresh air in the world and drinking fresh water from a stream while watching the Dancing Lights in the sky.

Santa's good friend Mr Time has given Santa a clock and as Christmas Eve is close Santa uses the clock to stop time so that he can fly with a sledge pulled by Rudolf the Red Nose and other reindeer and bring presents to all nice children in the world. Some might have already seen the huge clock in Rovaniemi, Santa's Village. Santa has to work for a long time and the Elf army along with the team of reindeer doesn't give up until all the children in the world - rich or poor - have their presents.

After the hard work the reindeer and Santa have their summer vacation. Santa often stays at the Lakeside Aurora Cabin during the summer time fishing, taking long boat rides, going to swim and enjoying the wonderful Finnish sauna. He can be seen making food outside by the open fire or just hanging around the shore of Rautusjärvi lake looking to the horizon, searching for the North Star, waiting for the Auroras to appear.

It is that cabin we are going to visit.

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